Jesus often withdrew by himself to solitary places to pray. He is an example to follow as I make my way through the chaos of life, asking myself, “Am I willing to depart from ordinary life to seek direction in prayer?”

Yesterday I noted that before Jesus began his public ministry, he spent 40 days in the wilderness. Led there by the Holy Spirit, he successfully said no to the temptations of the enemy and entered ministry fully empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus also spent time in prayer before he made crucial decisions.

12One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. 13At daybreak he called together all of his disciples and chose twelve of them to be apostles. Here are their names:

Luke 6:12-13

Scripture doesn’t tell us how many disciples Jesus chose from, but it does tell us that choosing twelve required a night of prayer.

Honestly, I have never stayed up all night to pray about something. I wonder why. Do I not see the decisions I make of lasting importance? What kind of certainty might I enjoy if I had?

Are you facing an important decision? Maybe a new job offer, purchasing a home, moving to a different town, school district or state? Would spending time in prayer over the decision be helpful?

I know how easily I get distracted in prayer but when I am faithful to seek God, he is faithful to provide direction. Go ahead, step away from the chaos of every day life and ask the Holy Spirit what he has to say about the decision you need to make.

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