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Daily Reads 08.31.2019

Thirty-four years ago I said the best YES ever! It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses. The ten year mark was pretty difficult, but we continued to say yes. And here we are, twenty-four years later enjoying life as empty nesters! Of… Read More

Daily Reads 08.30.2019

Today begins our annual glamping weekend. Glamping is just a bit more glamorous than regular camping. Three families are involved. Two families pull their recreational vehicles to the third family’s house who don’t care for camping in the traditional sense of the… Read More

Daily Reads 08.29.2019

Read: Matthew 18:20 “How large does a group have to be to count as a gaggle?” you wonder. Geese live in gaggles. There are always lots of them. As an introvert, my gaggle wouldn’t be that large if I was a goose…. Read More