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OUT OF THE CHAOS 05.07.2021

The most vivid example of Jesus withdrawing to pray is in the garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion. It is here that we see the most vulnerable expression of his humanity firmly tethered to his unwavering determination to accomplish the salvation of the world. 41He walked away, about a stone‚Äôs throw, and knelt down and …

Daily Reads 1.07.2019

Week two of Daily Reads focuses on the need to Show Up so we can experience lasting change.

Ready or not … part 2

I don’t like failure. I’ve read about the failures of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and countless others on their way to great successes. I love success but I don’t like failure. I’m getting better about it. I’m learning to receive criticism graciously and learn from it. I’m moving in that direction. But I’m …