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OUT OF THE CHAOS 11.03.2020

What now? We sit and wait. Waiting for the results of an election that does not have the power to change anything unless I am willing to be a part of that change. As I sat and pondered what to write for today, a phrase kept running through my mind: pray for peace. It’s not …

Daily Reads 02.09.2020

Your help comes from Him alone! Pause, take 5 and listen!

Daily Reads 02.08.2020

In the Ancient Near East, settling a new area required three factors to be present: water, food and safety. In 2 Samuel 5, David becomes king of all Israel and moves to the City of David. This city, according to antiquity was located in the foothills of the mountains surrounding Jerusalem. The drawing factor of …

Daily Reads 02.07.2020

One major turning point in my journey occurred during a sixteen week healing care group. As we explored wounds and what we do to protect ourselves, I recognized that I used religion as an escape from the pain I experienced. Without realizing it, I believed the lie that if my behavior was good and my …

Beauty in brokenness

Negative memories, also referred to as soul injuries or wounds, are caused by traumatic events in which one of our core needs are not met. Healing this type of injury requires another event to occur that corrects the injury. Let me use an example from the natural world to illustrate.