Read: Psalm 139:12-16

The fourth, and final pane, is the area we don’t know and others don’t know either. This is an exciting place! Here is all our untapped potential, skills, dreams, abilities, possibility!

I love the reading today because it reminds me that, although I don’t know, I have a Creator God who does know! He put me together with all kinds of potential and possibility. And he is willing to reveal that to me when I am ready.

We expect a new granddaughter any day. Her reality for the first few months of life will be to lay around, sleep, eat and mess her diaper. She doesn’t know what great potential she has. She doesn’t know that someday she will get up, run around, play with her sister, ride bike or chase birds. But there is something inside of her that will motivate her to pull herself up, take her first steps, say her first words. It is a beautiful thing!

You and I are the same. God has put creative ability, innovation and gifts inside each one of us. It is the spark that pushes us to try something new, step out with that wobbly uncertain first step into the great possibility.

What is sparking inside you? Is there potential you haven’t tapped into yet? Is there something you need to leave behind to step into the possibility of truly great adventures?

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