A decade or more ago there was a popular study entitled, “WWJD – What would Jesus Do?” It came complete with wrist bands, books, study guides – the complete deal. As a church we worked through the study in small groups, deliberately attentive to how we responded to difficult situations in daily life.

Saturday my daughter showed me the following:

Image may contain: text

That made me chuckle! And then it made me think….hmmmm…what would Jesus say to me in certain situations? And so, I invite you to hang with me this week as we take a look at some of the things Jesus said to his disciples, to religious people, to his opposers… Here’s something to get you started.

Read: John 6:26-29

This is one of my all time favorite passages. Every time I read it I have to ask myself: why do I want to be with Jesus? What motivates me?

What motivates you? Is it because you think you should? Because you feel guilty if you don’t? Or is it because you expect/want a miracle? Some kind of treasure chest? Are you interested in HIM or just what he can give you?

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