Read: Isaiah 26:3, 7-9a

I am sure I have read these verses before but when I read them again today I had to pause. My first response was, “Huh?” Seems to me that somedays my way has been rough and steep. So I reread them.

My second response was, “Hm!” And I thought, “Do I really know?” Maybe without Him by my side, the way would have been different.

And I pondered it some more. Certainly life is filled with difficulty and the way does seem rough and steep at times. Finances are low, emotions run high, sickness visits, accidents happen, death comes. That is the stuff life is made of for everyone.

Read: John 16:33

These two passages sound strangely similar to me. In the one, we fix our eyes on the Lord and he gives us perfect peace. As we trust in him, he smooths the way out before us. In the other, Jesus promises peace even though life is filled with trouble and sorrow.

I had to conclude that I don’t know what trouble and sorrow without Jesus is like. I put my trust in him when I was six years old and continue to look to him every day, my heart filled with the desire to bring glory to Him. I am grateful today that even in the darkest of times, he has been my companion.

In what or whom have you placed your trust? Does your way seem rough and steep, filled with obstacles? Consider placing your trust in Jesus. The way will still have trouble and sorrow, but your heart will be filled with the peace that only Jesus can give. And what better way to scale the heights than with Jesus by your side!

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