Read: Isaiah 8:11-17

You might be wondering what in the world this reading has to do with parenting. In my experience as a parent, I spent too much time thinking about what other parents were doing or thought they would do. I followed other parents patterns in an attempt to get it right. The truth is, “right” is what works for you and your children.

If I could tell anything to parents at all stages, I would say this: Stop watching/listening to social media! Sure, there are some good bits of information we glean from social media platforms. I, quite frankly, think this blog is a great use of social media.

When I was having my children, we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or the internet. We just had regular face-to-face conversation. And that was difficult enough. I remember one mother whose baby slept through the night at a very young age and self-soothed to go to sleep. My child didn’t do that. But when another mother said how important it was to have a child who could soothe themselves, I went right home and got to it! That was a terrible amount of pressure to put on myself.

And that is what is happening today on social media. Moms post pictures of their children and glow about their accomplishments. Did you ever see a parent posting that their child is wrecking their life? Because that is how we feel sometimes and that’s just being honest. We know they aren’t trying to punish us, but it sure feels like it when they have been awake most of the night crying or they run screaming to their room.

So, don’t call travesty everything another parent calls travesty! Look to God to give you wisdom. Check in with trusted parents who are further along than you in the journey. I have a friend ten years older than me. She has been my sounding board for over twenty years. I am blessed to have her in my life. Look for someone like that.

And remember, this too shall pass! And it will be so quickly!

P/S: You’re doing a great job in whatever stage you are in right now! Keep it up!

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