Read: Romans 12:2-3

Today we had the awesome privilege of spending the afternoon at a friend’s pool. The pool deck is surrounded by beautiful plantings of both perennials and annuals. Her flower pots overflowed with geraniums, petunias and sweet potato vines of various colors inviting a person to lay back and relax!

Another friend and I retreated immediately to the floating devices in the pool. As we languidly floated around the pool, my friend commented on the sweet potato vines. She also planted some at her house but hers were tattered by bug bites. She wondered aloud how our friend kept hers looking so nice.

Eventually I got out of the pool and took a passing glance at the pots. Upon closer inspection, I found that the vines so gracefully adorning these pots were also flecked with bug bites.

The moral of the story: everyone’s vines have bug bites. Some are just hidden better than others. You be you!

Have a great day of worship!

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