Today I awoke with a weariness that I couldn’t shake. Unsure of the source of this disturbing companion, I did the only thing I was certain would help me. I set myself before the Father and laid out my case.

I talked to him about all that was whirling through my mind, all the confusing thoughts that I couldn’t make into sensible streams of thinking. I poured it all out. And I waited.

Later, as I drove to an appointment, I revisited my troubling thoughts. Looking at them one by one, the proverbial light came on. I saw the problem.

There was a voice inside my head telling me lies. I heard: “You are what you do!” “You are what you have.” “You are what others say about you.” And I knew what I needed to do. I began to speak out the truth right then in my car.

My help didn’t come immediately as I knelt before Father in the morning sun. The Holy Spirit revealed it to me later. He helped me to see the true nature of my disturbing thoughts. The light of truth flooded my mind, and as I spoke the truth, the turmoil of my heart was stilled.

Read: Matthew 14:22-31; Luke 8:22-25

Today, Jesus stilled the storm that raged in my mind. He spoke to the wind and calmed the waves. He can do it for you as well. Take your wearies to him and allow the Spirit of God to reveal the nature of your sadness and then drown out the lies with a flood of truth.

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