Last week flying home from vacation, my granddaughter sat in my lap during the descent into Chicago. As often happens, there were a few bumps coming through the clouds. The first time the plane shook, she looked up from what she was doing and looked toward the window. Then the plane shook again, and her face broke into a smile and she gave the tiniest giggle.

As I watched her response to the turbulence, I wondered at her childlike glee. We were in absolutely no danger coming through the clouds and bumping around, but I prefer a smooth descent. I am quick to imagine the worst and create a crisis where there is none. She just enjoyed the ride.

Read: Mark 10:13-16

Jesus commended the children, saying we should receive the kingdom of God like them. As I watched Finley completely at peace on my lap, unafraid of the turbulence, I glimpsed what Jesus meant. She trusted me completely and could giggle at the bumping. I want to have that kind of trust in my heavenly Father, unafraid of the bumps of life.

Is your faith childlike? What feels more real to you – the bumps of life or the safety of his arms?

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