If I am chosen and I don’t bring anything to the table, what about doing good things? Does it matter what I do anymore? What about my skills, talents, aspirations, education, degrees, accomplishments?

None of those things commend me to God. He isn’t impressed with what I can do or what others think about what I do. But he does have a plan for me.

Read: Ephesians 2:8-10

The truth in these verses makes me giggle a little. First, I can’t take credit for salvation. And that means I can quit trying. Whew! What a relief!!

Secondly, I am his masterpiece. Years ago, my college roommate promised me a painting as a wedding gift. Her fiance’ was a fledgling artist. Fast forward 25 years. I meet up with my friend again and she reminds me that she never gave me the painting. I had forgotten so, obviously, I wasn’t holding a grudge. She insisted I come to their home and choose a painting as a belated wedding gift. But now her husband was a renowned painter in the state where they reside. Her gift to me was worth over $1000 rather than the early attempts of a struggling artist.

My friend gave me a masterpiece, a valuable work of art, a creation of love. And that is what I am to God. I am his masterpiece, his work of art.

Finally, he prepared good things for me to do a long time ago. He planned these things, not because he needs me to do them, but because he created me with the need to be purposeful.

Because he created me, he knows exactly what will give me joy and fulfillment. I can trust him to lead me in the right direction.

How about you? Are you struggling to find purpose? Do you wonder why you are here?

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