We asked. Katlyn asked for “golden.” I asked for dry. We both asked for the weather to cooperate for an outdoor ceremony. We didn’t get it.

Instead we received the worst storm I have experienced this summer. The rain pounded, the lightening flashed, the wind blew. But we celebrated. Celebrated a covenant of love!

Read: Isaiah 55:8-9

Sometimes we don’t receive what we ask for. But what we receive is magical and wonderful and completely okay! Katlyn says the day was perfect, perhaps even golden. Inside the barn we were protected and dry. Even though the storm raged, it didn’t keep us from celebrating.

Why did it rain? I don’t know. I don’t feel cheated or that my prayers went unheard. I only know that inside the barn we were dry and safe. The storm raged and we celebrated.

Ask. Keep asking. Ask with bold confidence. Remember that his ways are higher and his thoughts are wiser. Live with gratitude.

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