Read: Genesis 2:7, John 20:22

Our breath is a gift from God. He breathed on Adam and Eve and filled them with the breath of life. As long as I keep breathing, I know I have the breath of God in me.

Jesus breathed on the disciples before he ascended into heaven and filled them with the Holy Spirit. As long as I am breathing, I know I have the gift of the Holy Spirit.

When I am anxious, one of the first thing that happens is changes in my breath cycle. Breaths become shorter and faster resulting in other physical changes such as elevated blood pressure, muscle tension and disruption in digestion.

Sometimes it is difficult to slow my breathing on my own. With today’s technology, there is an app for everything, right?! Including breathing. A breathing app is an inexpensive (some are free) and highly effective way to restore a normal breath cycle.

Studies show that deep breathing helps reverse the physical changes brought on by anxiety. It restores a sense of calm, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate and improves digestion.

It might be helpful to explore breathing app options to assist you when anxiety knocks on your door.

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