Many situations cause anxiety. It seems to me they all point to our core longings. If we long to belong, we will be anxious that others will reject us. If we long for unconditional love, we will worry about being a disappointment. If we long for safety, we will worry where our provisions come from. Lack of feeling understood causes us to be anxious about our performance at work or the email we sent coworkers. If purpose and significance is lacking, we will be anxious that our lives are a waste of time.

Read: Matthew 6:24-27

As I examined this scripture again, I pondered verse 24. It says that anxiety over provisions is worship of money and we can’t worship both God and money. When we trust ourselves for daily necessities, we cease to trust God. I know when I am anxious about what I wear and what I will eat, it isn’t because I don’t have basic necessities. It is because I’m looking at the people around me and what they wear and eat and drive and do. And that isn’t trusting God.

Anxiety can be relieved by an honest evaluation of my heart’s desires. Perhaps my desires need to be adjusted and then I can enjoy today. As Matthew says, “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

2 Comments on “Daily Reads 11.08.2019”

  1. This takes me back to what we learned in the HC classes. You put it in such simple terms…easy to relate to.
    PS: I hope you got your account changed!


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