But in that day, the branch of the Lord will be beautiful and glorious;

Isaiah 4:2a

Advent – Day 3: Read: Luke 3

As I read this chapter, it seems to me it can be summarized in one word: preparation.

John the Baptist is preparing the way for the Messiah preaching repentance from sins and baptizing with water.

The crowds are preparing their hearts through repentance and baptism, but also by asking, “What should we do?” John’s instructions are so practical: share with the poor, be honest in business, be content with your pay.

Jesus prepares for ministry by submitting to water baptism and receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Is preparing my heart for Jesus much more practical than I thought? Perhaps the thing I lack is generosity, integrity and contentment in abundance. Generosity with my time, talents and resources; integrity in the use of these resources and contentment in spite of my limitations.

How are you preparing so you don’t miss the coming of the Lord this Advent season? How would you answer the question: “What must I do?”

Note on the picture: this is my brother in-law being baptized in the Jordan River a few weeks ago. The rainbow just appeared in the picture – a beautiful sign of the presence of God.

2 Comments on “Daily Reads 12.03.2019”

  1. Amazing experience to be baptized in the river where Jesus was baptized! Yesterday in our office retreat we talked about generosity being a value we should strive to have in our lives., and here it is in the blog. I think maybe I’m being urges to take a look at generosity in my life. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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