Advent Day 11: Read: Luke 11

Jesus was invited to the house of a Pharisee for dinner. Some of those in attendance were also religious teachers. A Pharisee was one part of the Jewish population who emphasized following the law to the most minute detail often forgetting about the intention of the law in the process. Jesus often clashed with the Pharisees for this reason.

Jesus wasn’t the best dinner guest by social standards. Read verses 37-53 to see for yourself. One of the religious leaders even spoke up, telling Jesus that he had offended them. Probably because they were responsible to teach the law and Jesus said they were getting it wrong. Essentially, he told them they were learning the words of the law but forgetting about the heart of the law.

As I read this, I wonder what Jesus would say if he was a dinner guest in my home. Of course, I want to believe that he would praise me for offering hospitality and thank me for giving selflessly of my time and resources. But, would he?

Here is what always draws me up short…Jesus spoke the harshest words to the religious people of the day. He showed the most compassion to those the religious establishments pushed away and called unclean. I have to ask myself – where do I fall? Am I easing the burdens of the people I encounter or am I weighing down others with burdens that would be impossible to bear? Do I have a check list of criteria others must meet or do I receive them with open arms just as they are?

It’s an important question for me to answer. I bet it is for you too.

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