Today before my granddaughter’s nap, I read a book to her based on Psalm 23. The illustrations were simple and yet profound. A small lamb carefully guarded and cared for by a shepherd, wolves lurking nearby but never able to get close, provision and rest always available. As I read to her, I imagined myself the lamb.

I was reminded that “because of His goodness, He always leads me along the right path.” Trusting that I am right where God wants me isn’t always easy. Yet today as I pondered the simple illustration of two paths, one filled with danger and the other peace filled, I remembered that His goodness truly does lead me where it is the best for me.

I was reminded that “even in the darkest valley, I am not afraid. No evil can come to me. Your shepherd’s rod and staff make me feel safe.” Again the simple illustration of the lamb surrounded by the rod and staff were a visual sign that I am not alone…EVER! The evil that lurks doesn’t come near because the Shepherd is with me.

His goodness is leading me in the right path, he protects me even in the darkest valley and “gives me delicious food even when there is danger around me.” I was reminded to look for the table that he is spreading before me. Even now. Even in this time of unknown.

He is good. He is protecting. He is providing.

Perhaps you have time to read Psalm 23 and be reminded today, too!

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