The last few days have been rainy. Not just a gentle rain, but storms, winds and downpours. Along with the storms came the most amazing cloud displays. And rainbows!

As I watched the clouds build and billow across the sky, I was so grateful. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was setting and the colors mirrored in the clouds were incomparable. Then it appeared! A rainbow. Absolutely magnificent. At one point, I was driving into the rainbow as if I was the gold pot, the treasure, at the end of the rainbow.

I was reminded that none of this beauty would have been available to me if blue skies was the only thing I ever see. To be honest, in northern Indiana we almost always see grey skies, except for a few days when the blue breaks through and the clouds roll away to reveal the beauty of an unadulterated blue sky. And I love it. But the cloud display was amazing, to say nothing of the COMPLETE RAINBOW that turned double after awhile.

If my life was only blue skies, I would never see the rainbows, the clouds and amazing displays. And those will only come when the storms come through coupled with rain, wind, lightening and thunder.

The next time the storms roll through your life, give thanks. There is something available in that time that won’t ever be seen at any other time. The storm brings beauty that won’t exposed any other way.

Best wishes on your Saturday! Be true to yourself today!

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