24This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Not only is this day the one the Lord has made, but this moment is the one he planned. Many times I find myself not in the moment. Either I am looking ahead with curiosity and worry or trailing behind with shame and regret. It keeps me from enjoying this moment.

I find myself thinking about the next thing. Not in a necessary way, but in a distracted, discontent way. I don’t enjoy this moment because I think about what I could be doing or should be doing or will be doing . . . and I miss the magic of this moment. I miss being fully present right now.

This present moment, right now. Whatever is happening, wherever I am, whoever I am with.

That is what I am grateful for today — the present moment. Keeping my mind in this moment, not allowing it to wander to tomorrow or live in yesterday.

What keeps you distracted? Is it the desire for a more exciting tomorrow or the regret of a disappointing yesterday? Or perhaps it is the exact oppposite! Yesterday held so much success and tomorrow looks dull in comparison. This present moment deserves your attention for it is the one the Lord has made! Be glad and rejoice in it!

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