I contain the treasure of God in a common clay jar. Troubles come and go, but nothing is here to stay. I fix my gaze on what is eternal rather than temporary. I am a new person because of Christ so I don’t look at myself or others from a human view point. Because of God’s work in me through Christ, I am sent out as an ambassador for God. I invite others to experience the life changing power of Christ!

Read: 2 Corinthians 6:1-2

It’s unnerving to know that I can receive the best news ever and then ignore it – live as if it wasn’t true. And that is just what I do some days.

I live as if I am an ordinary clay pot containing only dust from when I was formed on the potter’s wheel. Subject to the trouble that comes my way, I live under a cloud of doubt and despair. I forget I am a new creation, commissioned to be an ambassador for the Almighty King of heaven and earth. It is no wonder I drag around like Sadness!

Today is the right time! Today is the day of Salvation! Live like you were meant to – filled with God’s Spirit, destined for greatness in His Kingdom!

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