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Daily Reads 2.25.2019

What are you taking in? I don’t really care about your food choices, but am concerned about your media, listening, reading, looking choices. This has been swirling around all week and the more it swirled, the more I kept hearing about choices… Read More

Your Gray is Showing!

I colored my hair for many years…like 25 years. In the beginning it was because I could. You know, one month I was Cherry Cola and the next month it was Dark Chocolate. In the summer, I added highlights to give my… Read More

Daily Reads 1.04.2019

Read: Philippians 3:13-14; Exodus 33:12-15 Life is compared to a race or athletic competition in many places in scripture. In this passage, Paul says that forgetting what is behind is a prerequisite to pressing in to finish the race so he might… Read More