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Daily Reads 11.16.2019

Sewing reveals my imperfections. You see, nothing I make is exactly perfect. Sometimes I do the hard work of taking my stitches out and redoing the sewing. Other times, I let it go. Recently, my greatest imperfection is my inability to measure… Read More

Daily Reads 08.23.2019

Read: 1 John 4:16-18 Part One: It is my experience that one cause of fear* and anxiety* is not understanding how deeply we are loved by God. When we understand how much we are loved, we place our trust in him. We… Read More

Daily Reads 08.21.2019

Read: 2 Corinthians 5:17-18 Before anything else, a person must believe that when he/she comes to Christ he/she is a new creation. It is a do-over, a new day, a second chance – whatever you want to call it. Read: Romans 8:12-14… Read More

Daily Reads 05.25.2019

I contain the treasure of God in a common clay jar. Troubles come and go, but nothing is here to stay. I fix my gaze on what is eternal rather than temporary. I am a new person because of Christ so I… Read More

Daily Reads 05.22.2019

Today I read a friend’s post on Facebook. It said “We would worry a lot less about what other people think about us if we knew how seldom they do.” What a great word for me to hear! But oh so hard… Read More