Consider the Johari window I wrote about yesterday. The open area is the place we wear our best selves. Perhaps a bit like the mannequins in a window display. We put the best outfit there with the correct accessories and hope it attracts others.

The hidden area is the place we store the aspects of self that are less presentable. (I am not suggesting that everything about self should be made available to the general public. Somethings are better kept secret.) Here we keep secrets that we fear would cause others to reject us.

I might not want others to know how I spend my money, what I eat, what I watch or what I read. It might be the difficulty I experience communicating with my spouse or a journey with infertility. It might be balance of my credit cards, my debt load or any other number of secrets.

Obviously, these may not be appropriate to share with coworkers or book club friends. But there is One who knows all our secrets and still chooses us.

Read: Psalm 44:20-21; Psalm 139:1-6

Today I invite you to step into the light with your secrets, especially if there is shame attached. Find another individual who also displays courage, and share your secret there. Then watch the shame shrink away from the light and experience the joy of a shared burden!

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