The third pane of the Johari window is blind spots. Obviously, we can’t detect our own blinds spots simply because we are, well…blind to them.

There is something we can do to grow in this area. Recently, I presented an idea I had to my sister. She noticed at one point I got highly emotional. She lovingly asked me about it and then suggested I might rethink what I was considering. I was blind to the effect my emotions were having on my ability to plan carefully. She suggested I adjust and I did.

I haven’t always done well at seeking or listening to feedback. I considered it a personal attack and my defense mechanisms would go up. Working on wanting feedback and then listening to what others say is a process. It takes time and perseverance to develop.

Read: Psalm 139:7-12

Asking others to expose our blind spots is daunting and should not be done lightly. Choosing wisely makes all the difference. Once again, look for someone who is living courageously and who you know cares about you. Allow them to speak into your life. I find that most people who are living courageously don’t want to shoot a fellow soldier. But they do want to help you battle more effectively. I believe the words you hear will be loving and helpful.

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