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Daily Reads 3.04.2019

Read: John 1:10-12; 1 John 2:22-23; 1 John 3:23-24; I John 4:2 I like happy messages. Words that convey I am doing a good job, not falling short. Criticism has historically been difficult for me because I want to get it right. If I didn’t get it right, someone must be disappointed with me. Through …

Daily Reads 3.01.2019

I arrived at my house in Florida Wednesday about 7 p.m. Unconcerned about getting in, I walked confidently to the door, punched in the four digit code and watched the light flash red. Normally, it flashes green and there is a slight whirring noise indicating the deadbolt is engaged and can be opened. I put …

How is your diet?

Years ago, when Dave and I were first married, I enjoyed reading books by Janette Oke, Gilbert Morris, Lori Wick and other authors who wrote Christian fiction. I love to read and once I start I book I can hardly put it down which has not always proven to be life giving for my family.

Daily Reads 2.24.2019

Last week I worshiped at my home church in Indiana. It wasn’t the best for me. I only tell you that because I want you to know that even for someone connected to a body of worshipers, I have off Sundays. I wanted nothing more than to run like the wind and get out of …

Daily Reads 2.23.2019

The final principle is key to changing how you interact with the world. I have been so blessed by this passage and my prayer is that you have been as well. Read: Judges 6:11-18 Fourth Principle: Go with what you have and he will make it enough. When the angel first spoke with Gideon, Gideon launched a narrative on why he didn’t believe the Lord was with …

Daily Reads 2.22.2019

Heads up! Today is a bit longer than I aim to have the daily readings. This principle is so important I didn’t feel right cutting it short. We are making so much progress. An invitation has been issued to come out of hiding, to step out of the pit. As you do, you are invited …

Daily Reads 2.10.2019

Another opportunity to worship in community. People are scary. I agree. So wherever you are today, embrace life and faith. Meet Jesus on your recliner, in your pew, or at the beach. He is everywhere present. There is no where we can go that he is not already been. Reading: Psalm 139

Just Show Up!

Two phrases run through my mind today. “You do you” and “Just show up.” Embracing the mantra “you do you” has not been easy for me because I tend toward absolutes. No excuses! Work harder! But I have grown to really appreciate it and whole-heartedly endorse individual approach to growth!

Daily Reads 1.07.2019

Week two of Daily Reads focuses on the need to Show Up so we can experience lasting change.

Merry Christmas

Change is inevitable but we are never asked to do it alone. God will always go before us into every situation.