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Daily Reads 2.16.2019

Home! That is where I am headed today. There is a level of anticipation and excitement that I can’t quite contain. Even though it is cold and wintry in Indiana and I am leaving behind the sunshine and 80’s of Florida, I… Read More

Daily Reads 2.15.2019

Comparison kills YOU. It is a cancerous growth that metastasizes from “I don’t have enough.” to “I am not enough.” Slowly we begin to believe that we are a mistake, that we will never be enough. The slide downward is slow and… Read More

Daily Reads 2.13.2019

Comparison is a lack of trust in God’s ability to provide for you and meet your needs. I often look at what is happening around me and wonder if I sidestepped somewhere. After all, it looks like everyone’s life but mine is… Read More